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Health Informatics Glossary

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VA   -   See Veterans Health Administration

Veterans Health Administration   -   The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operates a government run military veteran benefits administration system, with cabinet level status in the Executive Branch. The veteran benefits include pensions, education, loans, insurance, medical care and more.   See RPMS, VistA, VLER

Viral License   -   A copyright license that allows derivative works only when licensed under a compatible license. See Copyleft, Copyright, GPL, Intellectual Property, License

VistA   -   The Veterans Information Systems and Technology Architecture.   See DHCP, Hardhats, Medsphere RPMS

VLER   -   The Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record.   See VA

VM   -   Virtual Machine.

Voice Mail   -   A centralized system to manage telephone audio messages for multiple phone numbers.   See Answering Machine

VOIP   -   Voice Over Internet Protocol.

VP   -   Verb phrase.   See CUI, NLP

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VPN   -   Virtual Private Network.   See IPsec

VXU   -   HL7 specification for vaccine record messages for the transmission of unsolicited immunization data. VXU messages may be sent in batch mode or as a single transaction. VXU messages are typically sent to an IIS.   See CVX, HL7, IIS, MVX, QBP





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